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Taking responsibility for decreasing TV viewing and gadget usage

It’s back to school for us tomorrow. With this, I have to do something to decrease the amount of TV viewing and gadget usage that my daughter has been used to in the past two months.

Last week, I told my mom to take the iPad and DSi with her just to show that it is no longer in the house, so she won’t bug me about it. The deal that I have made with her is that no access to these on school days and only limited time on weekends. This I know is possible even without me around in the house. My worry now is how to decrease the amount of TV viewing when only the yaya, who is also addicted to TV is the only person around them on week days. I want my grade schooler to spend her free time after school which is from 4pm onwards until at least I get home. This, I still have to deal with starting tomorrow.

Now, I am thinking of an effective approach how to get this done!


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