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Growing up too fast

Would you believe that my eldest has already been looking for a Halloween costume as early as now? I’ve caught her watching make up tutorials on YouTube and gave me a good excuse that she wanted to be like Barbie this time. So she started looking for Barbie fairy make up, pink skirts and tops matched with black Pretty Polly suspender tights. She says that pink gladiator shoes will look good with it. I’m glad she never mentioned that she wanted tights from Alex Blake’s otherwise I would surely collapse hahaha!

I am really surprised by how she’s getting all these ideas. Well, the make up thingy, I won’t be surprised because she sees me everyday wearing make up but to seriously engaged into it when it’s only Summer, that’s something. This is why I call her “Vain little madam” as you would frequently see her in front of the mirror brushing up her hair, doing different styles and making faces. In fact, I saw a Little Mermaid bath soap in my shopping cart yesterday…. Read the rest of this entry »

My Cute Dollies

My two daughters never fail to brighten up my day.  Read the rest of this entry »

Deye’s 2nd Violin Recital

Deye’s 2nd Violin Recital happened last May 16 at Max’s Restaurant in Olongapo City. Unfortunately, I was not around to witness this very special day of her according to her as it was also my mom’s birthday. This is just one of the struggles of a working mom. Anyway, as expected, she did well and mom was able to record it.

She made us proud again! Good job, Ate Deye!


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