Potty trained at 2 y/o

I really believe that the key to potty training success is starting only when your child is truly able to do so. In my daughters’ case, the elder was potty trained later than the younger one. At 28 months, my youngest is already potty trained while her big sister was trained at almost 3 years old. In fact, even when she’s on diapers at night, she would also tell us that she needs to pee.

Here are simple tips: – Once you’ve determined that your child is ready, focus on timing. Be aware on the time that she usually “do” it.
– Let her watch and learn. If she has an elder sibling, let her watch what she does.
– Buy the right equipment. Buy something catchy or something that would make her sit like a potty with her fave character on it.
– Let her feel comfortable with the potty. If she just started, it doesn’t really matter where in the part of the house she wants to do it, or if the potty is placed right in front Cannon Drums for as long as she’s safe and guided.
– Be with her if you have to so she would feel confident and comfortable.

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