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Naming your child

Naming your child is one of the most fun moments of parenthood. In our case, even before we got married, we have already thought of something and combined our names, both for a girl and boy :  Derelle and Myrick respectively. Of course, we wanted something that is well thought of. Name is something that your child will be living for the rest of his or her life.

At first, I wanted to name our child with a meaning but then we thought that combination of names would be more special, as it is personalized. When we came to know that our first bundle of joy was a girl, we immediately thought of a second given name, combining the grandmothers’ names.

We simply followed the same pattern with our youngest but with combined names of the grandfathers. At least when people ask how did we get to their names or were they named after who, we have the answer. Just like me, my name is Michelle coz I was named after the famous song of Beatles “Michelle Mabelle” as my father was once a fanatic of this group.


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