Introducing traditional games in the Philippines

Speaking in English is a requirement in the house in consideration to my husband’s spoken language. But this should not stop me from introducing the things that I have outgrown with – the traditional games that we have in the Philippines. To name a few, these are:

  • Patintero
  • Tumbang Preso
  • Luksong-Baka
  • Luksong-Tinik
  • Piko
  • Chinese Garter
  • Tinikling
  • Pitik-bulag
  • Syato
  • Sawsaw Suka

Now that Deye has entered the stage when these games are usually played, I am ready to finally introduce these to her one by one, soon! If time permits, I would also gladly include yoyo (not the spinabolo), pick up sticks, jackstone and hulahoop to her.



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2 Responses to “Introducing traditional games in the Philippines”

  • Wenna says:

    Awww.syato is the best! I’m gonna teach my little girl syato but I’ll make sure she wears helmet.LOL

  • Adriene says:

    I bet Filipinos will be very excited to try this, especially the kids…Games are always fun especially if you love it…

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