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Medical computer

Technology contributes a lot in the world of medicine today. From the simple machines that helps make medicines to the most comprehensive ones like medical computer, that enables doctors to treat their patients efficiently and accurately.

Indeed, technology helps professional health care providers to save people’s lives and up to the least hospital work like managing the patient’s records as well.

Spray tan machine

Exposing yourself under the sun or what you call sun bathing to have a tan or darker skin is already an obsolete practice in a fast paced environment today.

Salons now offer skin tanning services. They have spray tan machine to help you achieve the tan skin that you love. It works like magic and it will show great results just after your skin tanning session.

My girlfriends and I have been actually considering of going through this service and see how our husbands will react haha!

Is diet pill worth the price?

A lot of moms like me are struggling to lose weight after giving birth, or it could be the other way around so that they’d have a smooth pregnancy.

When I first had a baby, my weight was 42kgs and that never happened again. I got stuck at 55kgs for years and almost tried on different diet pills just to get back to my usual weight. A lot of friends recommended different kind of diet pills but one really caught my attention but my question was “is numia worth the price?” Until now, I haven’t taken anyone of those as I hesitant of its safety.


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