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Chocolate strawberries for mom

I have been checking online shops for Mother’s Day gift ideas for my mom since the last two weeks. It’s better to do it as early as now than to cram the last minute. With the turn of events I am facing now, I’m sure I’d be handful in the coming month. So far these are the things that I have in mind.

    1. Silver Marcasite Circle Necklace
    2. A dozen of great big chocolate strawberries for mom
    3. A pair of shoes to match with her fave outfit
    4. A stylus pen for her iPod touch

I’m sure before the Mother’s Day comes, the list above will be longer enough for me to choose the best gift for my mom.

Personalized and crafted Sterling Silver

I love dolling up my girls and accessorize them with jewelry that are not costly. If ever they lose them, it won’t hurt big time. Unfortunately, there are not much designs found in the mall within our place and I want something personalized for them to always remember that Mama has made something special for them during their childhood. As usual, I checked what online shops could offer and stumbled upon a website that sells personalized jewelry and I think I’ve found the perfect bangle for the girls.

It is beautifully crafted and made of Read the rest of this entry »


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