A house of our own

Derrick & I have been discussing and once in a while deliberating of having a house of our own. He’s actually the one who pushes me to find out if rent to own is also offered and found in my place. I have been looking and still am but the thing is I have very little time to squeeze it in.

I’ve dealt with Lincoln Heights located in Bataan a year ago but unfortunately the available ones are already at the peak. Location and access to the essential places are not quite practical. It’s also the pulang lupa that scares me. What if a landslide happens, we’ll be dead before I even know it. There’s no hospital nearby either. Public transportation has timings and a supermarket as well is not accessible. Having two kids, I don’t think that wouldn’t work and help. 

Thinking about this makes me wish that mobile homes for sale are also available in the Philippines.

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