Of School Events and Activities

One of the many disadvantages that a working mom could have is not being able to attend school events and activities, especially when you have no more leave credits left.

Before the school opening of last year, a meeting was called at my daughter’s school discussing the concerns for the whole school year. Working mom that I am, I wanted to make sure that I won’t miss any of my daughter’s school activities. I raised the point of at least giving consideration to working parents that they should schedule any events or activities on a  non-working day. As flexible as they are, they gave in to this request. The main events and activities were so far scheduled on Saturdays giving us chance to witness our kids’ performances.

One more concern that I raised was about the school projects and materials that they ask the kids to bring. I asked them if they could at least notify us 2 days before the project or materials are needed, that way we won’t have to rush to stores after working hours. There were times when I had to rush as quickly as I could only to find out that the store is already closed. 

So far, the school did good in these issues. Simple as they may seem but for us working parents, they matter a lot.

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