No to fire crackers

nebIt’s not that it’s prohibited or something, I actually don’t care whether people spend money for buying fire crackers. I’m 100% against it as its smoke affects my bunso’s health.

The same scenario happened last year. It was more than half a year since my bunso was diagnosed of asthma by then. She had a very bad asthma attack right after New Year of 2011. Lesson learned, do not expose her to smoke created by these fire crackers. So what we did few days ago, on New Year’s Eve, we covered half of her face to avoid from inhaling the same. But I guess it just didn’t work. She still caught everything resulted to another attack the next day, with slight fever.

I’m glad she cooperated well when it was time to nebulize her. I hope she’ll recover soon before my husband comes home. Otherwise, our plans will be spoiled.

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