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Dress up day

Let’s admit it mommies that aside from the true meaning of Christmas, we all look forward to this day to dress up our kids especially if you have girls to doll up.

I’m one of those many mommies and I am not denying! I can’t wait to see my girls in their new matching dresses tomorrow. Of course there will be another set of studio photos taken on this day. I think I’m always lucky to get matching dress for them on special occasions. Since Deye just had a new pair of white doll shoes, I did not buy another pair for her.

Among the two, Ishi is more fond of wearing fancy shoes and dresses. I’m sure she’ll look lovelier on this dress. It’s a plus that this little girl of mine was gifted with nice long curly eyelashes Read the rest of this entry »

On speech development

At almost 2, my eldest, Deye already known a lot or nursery rhymes and can even talk better than a usual toddler should do at this age. That made me worry when I noticed that Ishi, my youngest is her opposite. It even worsen my worries when her cousin, Tammy, of her age talks a lot words. Ishi is more of an active baby who is fond of jumping, climbing the sofa and chairs rather than watching Barney or Dora on TV.

I, then, instructed their yaya to keep on talking to her and as much as possible no baby talks. I’m glad it worked. She could even form a short sentence now like “Gayit ti Mama, hawa! (Galit si Mama, hala!)” when I get angry, then she runs to anyone and say these words as if she’s asking for help.

And yes, kids’ development aren’t all the same, some are late or even too early but they’d be fine when they are ready.


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