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Used text books

I had a chance to declutter Deye’s school cabinet last Sunday and thinking to sell used text books she had in the past two years. If only we are close to Manila, I would have sold these books in Recto right away.

Back in college, I don’t normally buy my books from the University I went to. I would take time and effort going to the crowded place called Recto, check all the stalls and buy used college textbooks. I remember buying one for only Php80.00 where if you get it from the bookstore, it would cost you Php550.00. That time my mom gave me an exact amount of Php550.00 but since I got the book for only Php80.00, it saved me a lot and used the money for something else.

I wish there’s Recto or the like here in my place where we could get cheaper and used books or trade old text books to something we could make use of.

To give or not to give

The day Deye received a DSi from my brother, that’s when I realized that Deye can be a good photographer. She endlessly takes photos of herself and the things around her. I also thought she can be an effective blogger.

The other day, I had a chat with my brother and told him that Deye was asking for the camera that he just sent me. I asked him if he can look for a cheaper digital cam for her instead. He did actually but unfortunately there’s nothing below $100. He was thinking of getting a digital casio for me and give the existing one to Deye. But then I thought it isn’t practical yet to give her such at her age.


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