MitchteryosaMom of two lovely girls, Derelle and Erchelle, who shares her adventures as she walks through motherhood, while working from home and having to do most things on her own.

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Most common words in this blog

Aside from the girls’ updates and antics, you would often see the words “best diet pills for women” in this blog. Not that I am so frustrated to lose weight, but yeah, somehow, I felt that. Especially after I had given birth to my youngest. I felt that it’ll take me a while to get back to my normal built. But as I always say, I am not whining nor complaining about it. My husband would always tell me “you still look good, at least people would know you are doing well in everything”. I know he’s just trying to be nice and polite but when I see myself those days, I always felt insecure. Looking at my pre-pregnancy jeans, I wanted to cry. I just won’t fit in them.

Now, I am okay. I look better. I weigh average. Just the bulges are left heehee!

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