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What My Fairy Had Wished For

Of all the shots we had this year, this one is my personal favorite:

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White Pantal

While I was applying my facial cream this morning, my daughter was so keen watching me and that’s how she noticed the pimple on my face, just above my lips.

She said “Mama, you have white pantal here!” pointing my pimple.

I laughed and corrected her, it’s not a white pantal. You call it a pimple. When you grow up, you’ll get those too!  And she was like “Ayako!”

I wonder if she’d go for an acne treatment when she does get it. Knowing her, she’s so vain already at her age. She would sometimes tell me that my shoes are not “ternos” with my dress. She thinks I need to dress up like her, if it’s pink it should be pink from head to toe haha!


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