Answered Prayers

I’m sure no one noticed how stressful my weeks had been recently. I try not to show and think about it because of my pregnant condition. I try hard not to be bothered but I just couldn’t help it. Our future lies in it. I sometimes feel guilty that I am unknowingly releasing my anger and frustrations towards my precious one and regret it after doing so.

Last Sunday, after not going and hearing mass for the longest time, I did with my precious one. Laid all my thoughts on Him and sought for comfort. Somehow, I felt lighter. That same night I told my husband what I am feeling lately. We spoke and planned for the next steps, whatever the next course would be.

Today, we were given two great news. One major matter is balance though and still anxiously waiting for the verdict. However, I’m grateful and thankful that two were already heard and given so quickly. (1) My daughter bagged the Best in Costume once again. (2) A good future for my brother, which would also mean a support on my shoulders.

I’m not fully relieved as yet but it’s a good thing to start off with this coming year.

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