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21w 6d

Tomorrow is supposed to be my scheduled monthly prenatal check up. Since it’s going to be a busy day in the morning reviewing for Deye’s exam, I decided to go a day earlier and this time with her who had been meaning and wanting to hear her sibling’s heartbeat.

At exactly 9am, we were at my OB’s clinic doorstep. After a while Ate Deye finally heard our little one’s heartbeat. Her reaction was so cute! She was giggling and even asked my OB if it’s possible to “open” my tummy LOL!

When it was time for a pelvic ultrasound, my doctor asked her “What do you wish for? A baby girl or boy?” I remember once when Derrick told me if there’s one thing that I’d really really like to have, tell Deye to ask Him and He’ll give coz He always listens to children. No, I didn’t wish for anything this time, as long as my baby is normal and healthy despite all the struggles we had from day 1, not a big deal for me.

I guess my husband was right! Ate Deye’s wish was granted coz her answer to the above question was Read the rest of this entry »


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