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As much as we want to follow the DFCC pattern (initials) name of our kids, we just couldn’t. Tried our best but ended up with a different pattern. However, the combination of names pattern was still followed and this time the 2nd given names were taken from grand dads’ names:

If it’s a girl, we decided to name her:

Erchelle Freann = Derrick + Michelle / Fred + Anthony, added n to Freann to make it more girly.

If it’s a boy, we’d name him:

Elric Andred = Michelle + Derrick / Anthony + Fred, added d in the middle of Andred just because, simply bcoz we couldn’t think of any haha!

We’d surely settle on either one of these names. By the way, it’s a share of idea this time. First names were given by Derrick and the 2nd names by yours truly.

Now, all we need to know is baby #2’s gender. Stay put!

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