A Certified Panatag Mom ;-)

For the past week, Deye refused to drink milk. I had to think for an option. A choco milk maybe. I, then bought her a sulit pack of Lactum 3+ choco and vanilla flavors.

I first gave her the choco milk, but she hardly finished half of it. Before bedtime, I let her tried on the vanilla flavor. Again, I gave her half and she asked for more. So, we settled with the 2nd one.

Goodbye Nido! Hello Panatag! By the way, my daughter calls it “panatag” Whenever she wants it, she’d say “Mama, panatag pls…”

I am now a certified panatag mom! LOL!

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5 Responses to “A Certified Panatag Mom ;-)”

  • jenefer ching says:

    si andrea gusto talaga rin lactum eh. kaso tigas eh hahaha. di pala mahilig si deye sa chocolate milk. si andrea naman pag nilalagyan ko chocolate. naku am bilis maubos parang natapon. pag nahuli pa ako magtimpla request pa yun lagyan daw chocolate.

  • Mitch says:

    Loyal si Deye sa Chuckie eh haha!

  • jenefer ching says:

    ay uu sarap kaya yun! peyborit ko rin yun eh!

  • Vannie says:

    mitch, tell me if you think lactum is better ha? i just switched Oz to Nido and he is getting used to it pa. yeah he loves Chuckie too ahahaha.

    anyway…..let me know ur thoughts if better ang Lactum. TY

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  • Mitch says:

    Deye just started with Lactum, almost a week pa lang so I can’t tell the difference pa. Pero kung sa lasa, when I asked Deye, she likes Lactum better. Tapos nung tinikman ko mas pasado talaga sa taste ng bata ang Lactum. That’s just my observation.

    Saka kasi depende sa bata yan kung hiyang sya. So far, sa one year naman na nag-Nido si Deye okay naman sa kanya.

    Lahat ata ng bata halos gusto ang Chuckie, kahit nga matatanda hahaha!

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