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A Certified Panatag Mom ;-)

For the past week, Deye refused to drink milk. I had to think for an option. A choco milk maybe. I, then bought her a sulit pack of Lactum 3+ choco and vanilla flavors.

I first gave her the choco milk, but she hardly finished half of it. Before bedtime, I let her tried on the vanilla flavor. Again, I gave her half and she asked for more. So, we settled with the 2nd one.

Goodbye Nido! Hello Panatag! By the way, my daughter calls it “panatag” Whenever she wants it, she’d say “Mama, panatag pls…”

I am now a certified panatag mom! LOL!

Her First Time In A Movie House

I took Deye out to a movie house the other night. We watched UP and she enjoyed it very much. But before going there, we had our dinner in Binalot. There, she started asking question:

  • Mama, why they don’t have plates?

As we entered the movie house, I talked to her seriously that she shouldn’t talk too much once inside coz the people inside might get annoyed. Thought she understood and agreed with me.

As soon as we were seated, she began asking questions again: Read the rest of this entry »


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