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Almost 5

Seems like yesterday when my husband couldn’t make up his mind between a tuxedo and barong. We also argued on the wedding ring. I want a simple bond where he insisted on a thick bond with embossed engrave on it. Bottomline, we compromised. And the wedding happened 5 years ago.

Four months from now, we’ll be completing 5 years of marriage. I’d be dishonest if I’d say it had been a smooth sailing relationship. I should be thankful that we argued once in a while, hated each other from time to time. Because of that, we became stronger.

Soon it will be four of us. I’m sure there’d be more trials along the way, but I’m not anymore afraid how to handle it. I’m confident, we are meant to be. Forever.

Pregnancy Diet Pill

I really wonder if there’s a diet pill meant for pregnant women. Heehee! I’m just nearly 2 months, yet I couldn’t wear my pants any longer. I’m beginning to visualize myself when I reached 8 months, whew! Anyway, so much about it. Let me list down the foods I am craving at the moment:

  1. Siomai
  2. Sweet melon mixed with crushed ice and milk.
  3. Avocado
  4. Lay’s Salt & Vinegar
  5. Goya chocs
  6. And a lot more….

But you know what, Siomai will always be on the top list, heehee!


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