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8w 3d

Had my 2nd transV ultrasound and urinalysis today. It wasn’t scheduled, I had to do it due to abdominal pain I was feeling this morning.

Good side :

  • Saw my baby #2’s heart beating already at 8w 3d.
  • Due date is now on Feb 9, 2010.

Downside :

  • I have developed a UTI once again. Doctor advised me to take extra care as some cases like these during pregnancy could lead to miscarriage. She prescribed antibiotics but I decided not to take it and do water therapy instead. I am aware that medicines esp antibiotics are not always good and advisable for pregnant women.
  • I got colds again, a bad one! Nose is clogged. Advised to take ascorbic acid 3x a day and Bcomplex 2x a day.
  • Scheduled for a repeat urinalysis after a week.

So don’t be surprised if one day you’ll see me blogging as frequent as before. I have decided to be a SAHM once more. Soon.

Off To See My OB!

No, it isn’t my monthly check-up but I’m experiencing lower abdominal pain lately. Actually, since last week, thought it would go but it had been a week already and that scares me. With all the pressures I had gone through for the past weeks, I’m afraid it has something to do with this pain so to make sure I have scheduled a visit to my OB today at 10am.

The paranoia in me strikes again. I checked the Internet and here’s what it says:

Many women will experience occasional bouts of lower abdominal pain during pregnancy. While frightening at best abdominal pain during pregnancy is usually a normal and harmless condition. Lower abdominal pain during pregnancy can sometimes suggest a more serious problem however, so it is important you consult with your health care provider if you have any concerns regarding abdominal pain during pregnancy. More explanations here.

I’m sure the baby and I are okay. There’s no bleeding or spotting but then again I wanna make sure, Read the rest of this entry »


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