Deye’s First Day In School

Last night, before we went to bed, I clearly told my daughter to get up quickly when she’s told to, as it would be her first day in school and we don’t wanna be late. So when I woke her up this morning, she did response well:

Me : Deye, wake up anak, we’ll go to school in a while…

She quickly sat down in bed and said:

Deye : O di ba mama ang bilis ako!

Me : Are you excited?

She nodded and said…

Deye : Mama, I want to take rest muna. I will not close my eyes, I will lay down lang.

Minutes later she went back to sleep. I again called her name softly….

Me : Deye your eyes are closed….

Deye : I’m not sleeping naman, I’m just lying down!

Hahaha! Okay whatever…..

To be continued…. need to check on the heart jewelry that I added in my birthday wishlist. 😉

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