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On Shopping

I’m not really a shop-a-holic. I only shop things that are needed like the basic things or when I have extra cash to spend on. Unless coupons are there, then that’s a different story. I’m the type of shopper that would not go for the expensive ones. I always think of the practical side like if a bag costs 2k, I’d go for the one that costs 1k. Why? Out of that 2k, I could get 2 bags that has almost the same made and style.

They may differ in quality but at least I get what I want – the style. Same goes with the tops. I always go for good bargains. I don’t really buy the branded ones. Thinking I could get 4 different types for 1k, why go for a top that costs a thousand each? And if the ones I got fade or shrink, at least it won’t hurt me much coz they are not really expensive.

Downside? I sometimes see another person wearing the same thing that I have/am wearing at that moment hahaha! So what? I really don’t care! Does it matter anyway? To some maybe, but for me it doesn’t!

How ’bout you?  Do you have a high standard when it comes to shopping?


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