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Proud Mama

It’s been over 3 months now since the last time I bought a pack of disposable diapers for my daughter.

Proud to say that she only had one accident during the first month, but after that she would wake me up at night to tell me that she wants to pass urine.

So proud of my little girl. But hey there’s one more reason to be proud of, look what she made, she says she looks like that when she’s sick. Read the rest of this entry »

Personalized Lanyard

I’ve been looking for a personalized lanyard supplier for almost a month now. Well, I’ve found some through but most of them never got back to me.

We need some for our company IDs. Aside from having a uniformed ID lace, it is some sort of a custom promotional product of our company. LOL! Did I say it right?

If anyone here know someone who makes all these stuff, please let me know and I’d really appreciate if you’d give me their contact details.

Thanks in advance!


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