My Fashion Consultant

“Make one nice dress for you and Deye”, he said to me. I said okay, will do. “Wear a strapless dress”, he added.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Are you okay???”, I asked with disagreement haha!

“Why? What’s so shocking? I want everyone to know that I have a sexy wife”, he claimed haha!

Take note, that’s my husband telling me what style of dress to wear on his youngest sister’s upcoming wedding. LOL! He even Googled for some strapless dress and sent me the images.

I remember many incidents when we toured the Souq in Bahrain, he would always tell me “buy like that for you”, and “that” referring to sexy tops.

Call me old fashioned but I don’t feel comfortable wearing strapless tops, sleeveless is okay but not the spaghetti/string straps revealing or plunging necklines. Hahaha!

But…. wait! I think I’m convinced to wear a strapless dress just for that day. Yes, just for that day. Just to grant my dear husband’s wish haha! Here’s what I’ve found:

What do you say? Oh well, enough of this, let me jump into another task, I need to finish this thingy about carports before it expires.

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