Letting Go With No Goodbyes

A piece of paper slipped through my hand as I opened the card, and it says:

Don’t wanna lose you, but I need to let go.
Sure it does hurt deep within, but that’s the best thing we could do.
By not letting go of the past, we are stuck…
Hurt…. full of regrets… with false hopes… and never ending questions….
Why it didn’t work?

Afraid for love to fade, I must admit.
Was it the unfinished business in the past?
Or the fact that we never really said goodbye?
Then why it didn’t work?

You said I left you…. but why did you let me go?
It’s too late…. it’ll never work.
Maybe in another time, it will.
Yet, I won’t say goodbye….
For I want to keep a spot for you
and the memories in my heart.
Without hatred… no regrets… no false hopes
Just the good memories…. just the memorable ones.

As far as I remember, I wrote this just after I left the country year 1999. Supposed to be a poem that rhymes but I just couldn’t… I just thought I’d share it here. And before I completely go insane reading this poem again, let me head on to Manolo Blahnik, I love their items.

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