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Deye Surprised Me!

The last time I went to Glorietta, I already saw this Flippers stall that sells personalized slippers for kids. But at that time, I wasn’t convinced of the price hehe! Per letter is P100, Per cartoon character is P120 + the slippers at P300. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to control myself and bought one for Deye, I spent a total of P940 for this pair.

This morning when I came home, she was already awake. I handed over all my pasalubong to her {including the above}. And as usual, she would keep her eyes closed until I told her “ready, open your eyes”. She was so happy to see Dora and Boots on the slippers. After a while my brother came, so I told her to show her new pair of slippers off to him. She did not only brag about it, but Read the rest of this entry »


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