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Arabic Speaking

She was woken up with the sound of a drill coming from the building next to us…. When it stopped, she said:

Mo more, khaaaa-las!

Translation > No more, finished! 

Who Is Your Dada?

I ask her these questions once in a while so that she won’t forget:

Me : What is your name?

Deye : Yeye *she still can’t pronounce Deye*

Me : How old are you?

Deye : Two. *demonstrates with her two fingers up*

Me : Who is your Mama?

Deye : Mitch. *she could now say my name clearly*

Me : Who is your Dada?

Deye : ‘hal. :p *Toink!*

‘hal as in Mahal, this is what I call my husband and vice versa… Hahaha!

Her Defensive Answers

Defense #1:

Last Sunday while I was getting ready, she decided to invade my bag. When she saw her feeding bottle inside it, she insisted to invade more and see what was inside… But as she tried, her hand got trapped and couldn’t get her hand out. I knew what was going on, but I ignored her till she cried. Then I asked her:

Me : Who’s fault???

Deye : Didi fault! *she calls her feeding bottle didi*

Yeah right, didi’s fault! Hahaha!

Defense #2:

Last night, she tried putting her small chair on bed. So I stopped her and told her:

Me : You’re not supposed to put it there, do you understand?

Instead, she continued…. and said:

Deye : No, de-tan *no understand!*

Aba’t sumasagot pa!!!!


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