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Deye-ctionary Updates

I can tell, she’s my opposite. She talks too much grabe! Here are the updates:

Last night, I was busy with something when I saw her taking my celfone from the bedside table, kept on her ear and said “O-wow! O-wow! Whosh thish? Mabush?” while walking back and forth trying to do her father’s habit whenever on a telephone conversation. Btw, she meant “Hello! Hello” Whosh thish? Mumble?” (that penguin character from the movie Happy Feet). I laughed so hard and told her “so you had managed to get Mumble’s contact number huh? Hahaha!”

This morning, as soon as she got up from bed, she headed to the living room and came back saying “dada, wat! dada wat!” I asked her what was she trying to say…. She went back to the living room, so I followed her… Then I saw my husband’s wrist watch placed on the center table. Hahaha! Dada’s watch!

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Translations :
owow – hello
whosh – who
thish – this
dada – her father
wat – watch


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