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Mama – a 4-letter simple word that consists of two repeated letters often referred to a mother (I made that up heehee!)

It didn’t have a meaning to me at all. Maybe because I never called my mother “mama, we call her “mommy”. There was a time when I thought, once I become a mother, I want to be called “mama”. Whenever I hear my friends or cousins call their mothers “ma”, I find it so endearing. (In Tagalog, some would say may lambing sa dulo.)

Until I was called Mama. She’s a daddy’s girl, that’s no doubt! That’s why, it felt like an achievement to me when she first said “mama” instead of “dada”.

She often says dada than mama but when she does, it’s like a music to my ears.

When we play with my celfone, she would put it near her cheeks and say “Whosh thish, mama?

When she asks for milk, she’d say “Mama, didi!

When she tries to form a bubble out of her saliva (I know it’s ewww! But she recently discovered that she can make a bubble out of her saliva hehehe!), she uses the word “mama” and burst the magic bubble hahaha!

When she wakes up and finds out no one was beside her she would call out for “mama“.

When she’s not well, she wants only “mama“.

When she sees me by the neighbor’s door, she’d come running out and scream “mama“.

All these are just like a music to my ears… A very simple word with 4 letters but…. truly rewarding.

A Window Shopper-Grabber Toddler

We went to this Japanese shop last night to buy some things. It’s sort of a 600 fils shop (approx P70). And that was the first time that we didn’t put Deye in a shopping cart. We wanted her to walk around and enjoy.

But my God!!! She’s a counter part of an impulsive buyer-shopper! Hahaha! She grabs everything that interests her eyes.

In just a blink, I saw her dragging a basket towards the stuffed toys section and put one in it! I had to watch her carefully coz we might end up paying off some stuff that we didn’t actually take but damaged. And because of that, I didn’t have the time to look around. *sigh*

I’m sure… soon… she will grab things that she wants and I’ll keep on removing them from the cart when she’s not looking.


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