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On social media and parental responsibilities

Last week, while we were having our late lunch outside, my friend and high school classmate sent me photos via FB private message. To my surprise, those were the graphic photos that I made from scratch for Loomies by Mitch. Below were the screenshots that I took for comparison. Left photos are mine, while the ones on the right were the ones that were edited by a certain Loomies by Geoff. You see, just by the name, it was so obvious that it was copied from me.



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I Wish They Taught Money In High School

“I worked hard for money 8 hours (sometimes more) a day but my money worked for me 24 hours only.”

Exactly my sentiments right after I resigned from my full time job 9 months ago. What others say is true that the secret to freedom from  your paycheck is to establish your own income – having a business of your own. But then again, the same thoughts would run through your mind “How do I start a business?”

“I wish they taught money in High School.”

  At the age of 38, I feel it is too late. I really wish they taught money in high school. If they did, by now I would have owned a stable business already. What I have right now is still young.

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